Monday, August 31st, 2015

About Jordan Flaherty

Jordan Flaherty

Jordan Flaherty is a journalist and community organizer based in New Orleans.  He was the first journalist with a national audience to write about the Jena Six case, and played an important role in bringing the story to worldwide attention. His post-Katrina writing in ColorLines Magazine shared a journalism award from New America Media for best Katrina-related coverage in the Ethnic press, his reporting has been featured in the New York Times, and audiences around the world have seen the news segments he’s produced for Al-Jazeera, TeleSur, GritTV, and Democracy Now.

Jordan has appeared as a guest on a wide range of television and radio shows, including CNN Morning, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Headline News, Grit TV,and both local and nationally-syndicated shows on National Public Radio. He has been a regular correspondent or frequent guest on Democracy NowRadio Nation on Air AmericaNews and Notes, and many other outlets. As a white southerner who speaks honestly about race, Jordan Flaherty has been regularly published in Black progressive forums such as and Black Agenda Report, and is a regular guest on Black radio stations and programs such as Keep Hope Alive With Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Jordan is an editor of Left Turn Magazine, a national publication dedicated to covering social movements. He has written about politics and culture for the Village VoiceNew York PressLabor NotesRadical Society, and in several anthologies, including the South End Press books Live From Palestine and What Lies Beneath: Katrina, Race and the State of the Nation, the University of Georgia Press book What is a City, and the AK Press book Red State Rebels.

Jordan Flaherty

Flaherty’s articles from the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina have appeared in periodicals around the world, including Die Zeit in Germany, Clarin in Argentina, Juventude Rebelde in Cuba, Red Pepper in England, and many more from Lebanon to Paris to New Zealand to South Africa.  In the US, his articles have appeared in a wide range of publications from The Indypendent in New York to The SF Bay View in California to literally hundreds of blogs and web-based journals including Huffington PostCommonDreamsAlterNetCounterpunch, and ZNet. In the first months after the hurricane, his writings were translated into German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

He has been invited to speak at dozens of colleges, universities and conferences including engagements at Columbia University, Stanford Law School, New York University, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at Los Angeles, SUNY Stonybrook, American University in Washington DC, Loyola University Chicago, University of Florida, University of Chicago, University of Texas at Austin, Tulane University, Loyola University New Orleans,  University of New Orleans, Xavier University, and many others.