Sunday, August 30th, 2015

As the floodwaters rose in New Orleans, Jordan Flaherty began to write, rescuing precious truths about the reality of racism and solidarity in his city that risked being washed away in the tide of formulaic corporate journalism. I can think of no journalist that writes with deeper knowledge or more love about this highly contested […]

For more information on the tour, including tour dates and schedule and how to bring the tour to your city, please see FALL 2010: THE COMMUNITY AND RESISTANCE TOUR The COMMUNITY AND RESISTANCE tour seeks to communicate about current struggles for justice and liberation, from nooses hung in the northern Louisiana town of Jena to […]

. Below is an incomplete list of ¬†organizations who have fought for post-Katrina justice. Websites are listed when applicable. . NEW ORLEANS AND LOUISIANA SOCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZATIONS . Advocates for Environmental Human Rights Works for the cause of environmental justice as a human right. A Fighting Chance /NOLA Investigates Investigations for the defense in […]